Jenee Smith

Travel Planning and API Practice

I made this travel planning sheet while planning a trip to Barcelona with my boyfriend.

I wanted an easy way to plan and then visualize my itinerary, and that little project snowballed into this planning sheet, a mailing list, and the travel planning website Traveldoola.

Building this sheet really gave me the opportunity to practice working with public API’s including: the Airbnb API, the Uber API, the Yelp Fusion API, and the FlightAware API.

The Attractions and Restaurants tabs use the Airbnb and Yelp Fusion API respectively to take the URL for a listing or restaurant and to pull in more info - ratings and price are pretty key for me. That makes it pretty easy to compare the locations side by side to make a decision.


The Uber tab would calculate the estimated price to Uber between 2 locations. Sadly this no longer works, as my access to the Uber API was revoked June 2019, so if you are reading this, that piece no longer works.

Uber prices between two locations

The Flights tab uses the Flight Aware API to take a flight number and populate the other details. I didn’t realize this when building the sheet, but the same flight number applies to quite a few different flights all leaving from the same locations on different dates. This made that sheet less useful than I initially imagined.

This was definitely a cool project and it was fantastic getting hands-on experience working with API’s.

Feel free to check out the template here and try it for yourself.