Jenee Smith

Using Selenium Python and Twilio API to get Great Deals at Revolve

Revolve is one of my favorite clothing retailers, so I thought it would be fun to practice manipulating the DOM and maybe find out about a few new deals. It pulls information from Revolve using command-line arguments, then writes the info to a CSV and sends a text alert using Twilio's API.

Check it out on my Github.

There are quite a few tools for scraping, particularly Puppeteer, but I wanted to use Python, so I chose Selenium for this.

The app has a command line interface that lets a user search according to quite a few preferences, including: category, sizes, sorting criteria, the number of items to return, and how often the script should run

Because Revolve's site uses dynamically generated data in its URL's, the driver mimics the natural behavior of a user. This does make the project more brittle than it could be, but all in all, was fun to make.

Twilio's API was an absolute breeze to work with, and they made it very easy to be up and running in a short period of time. That was the highlight of this project for me.