Jenee Smith

Interview Prep with Wallbreakers

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I spent the summer in the Python track of the Wallbreakers 6th software development prep course.

Wallbreakers is an employment platform created by Stanford alum Andrea Guendelman that connects underrepresented minorities with tech companies looking to hire more talented engineers.

Previous companies they have worked with include Tiktok and Amazon.

The development course lasts 6 weeks and students are assigned to small teams based on preferred language.

The languages offered in my cohort included Python, Java, and C++.

Since the program is fully online, it's open to students from any location or background, although it requires some understanding of data structures and algorithms, along with bitwise manipulation.

I found the program to be intellectually challenging and really enjoyed working with my team and the support and genuine advice from Wallbreakers staff.

They accept new cohorts roughly every quarter, and I highly recommend the program to anyone interested. I have included a short sample of problems that are similar to what is covered during the program.

Easy problem-- Fibonacci Number

Medium problem -- Word Search

Harder problem -- Merge K Sorted Lists

I found the pace to be fairly quick, since there were typically 30 problems assigned each week. We were split into small groups via Slack and we met over Zoom each week to go over problems we found challenging. We also had weekly meetings with the entire cohort to discuss topics like negotiating offers, understanding equity, and other helpful tips for job searches.

I found the support to be incredibly helpful. The course did require an understanding of data structures and algorithms, bitwise manipulation, and multithreading. The course is considered appropriate for rising juniors pursuing computer science degrees, and would be appropriate for someone who completed CS 106A/B, and CS 107 at Stanford. As a self taught bootcamp grad with some exposure to the following classes, I was familar but not necessarily comfortable solving every problem, and enjoyed the opportunity to improve my skills.

If you have questions about the program, feel free to connect with me or